Fill out the application (not for renewal)

Get application here, only the fields from “Membership Type” to “Email” + New Member Kit preference + your signature on the second page are required. Filled in applications are to be sent to or brought to the meeting.

Payment details

Membership fee gives you the possibility to fully benefit the meetings, i.e. to deliver speeches and evaluations and amounts to 195 zł for half a year.

Additionally every person that signs up for Toastmasters for the first time pays one-time registration fee of 95 zł for which they receive 5 manuals and Toastmasters newspaper subscription.

Bank transfer details:


   Kelum Saumyasiri

   Transfer title: Your Name & Surname + TM Wroclove Speakers fee

Firstly, check the first column of a and find themonth of when you want join the club. The fee is calculated always from 1st day of the month.In the second column you will find the exact amount you need to pay.

Month Fee
January 98 zł
February 65 zł
March 33 zł
April 195 zł
May 163 zł
June 130 zł
July 98 zł
August 65 zł
September 33 zł
October 195 zł
November 163 zł
December 130 zł